roots, plant-based restaurant at Maschinenstrasse 8, 8005 Zürich


Roots stands as the flagship brand of EVEN, epitomizing our ethos and commitment to excellence. This meticulously conceived plant-based restaurant and takeaway concept encapsulates our extensive expertise in health-conscious and eco-friendly eating. Our clients can choose from a diverse menu that includes freshly made bowls, artisanal sandwiches, sugar-free smoothies, and a broad selection of coffees and teas, all available in beautifully designed spaces.

At Roots, we aim to make the benefits and delight of plant-based eating a part of your daily routine. The lightness and vitality that come from consuming plants are not just in the meals we serve but are also a reflection of our dedication to sustainability and wellness. With Roots, we’re bringing a piece of our vision for a healthier planet to your table.