Throughout history, humanity has thrived by living from and actively shaping Earth's ecosystems. However, modern agriculture, while creating an era of abundance, has also led to consumption habits that strain our planet's limits. Currently, about 25% of greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to food production, making our dietary choices a significant part of the environmental problem. Addressing this issue necessitates a sweeping transformation in food production, supply chains, and human behavior, all crucial for fulfilling the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

At EVEN, our mission is to transform the hospitality industry and reshape how we view food and health globally. As a privately held enterprise, EVEN pioneers projects that lie at the intersection of food, innovation, and sustainability. We deliver comprehensive proposals, encompassing spatial design and hospitality concepts, through close collaboration with our clients. Moreover, we manage holistic food and movement ventures, providing unparalleled services to our partners. EVEN serves as the umbrella organization for Roots, Roots Kitchen, Coffeebond, and Rose Coffee Roasters. Additionally, we are proud partners with the Zurich-based sports company Balboa and the remarkable Collective Bakery. Each of our ventures and partnerships is dedicated to promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

The time has come to alter our actions and interactions with our planet.