Balboa Gym Class


Balboa presents a comprehensive training culture centered around group classes in various disciplines, e.g. strength, high-intensity workouts, yoga, movement classes, and boxing.  Balboa promotes a balanced approach to fitness that combines fun and function in every exercise, taking into account the long term benefits of incorporating regular movement into one's daily life at community level. The shared commitment to the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle is reflected in this approach to training, in perfect harmony with the values of EVEN.

Balboa and EVEN have had a successful partnership at their Schanzengraben venue in Zurich for the past seven years, a testament to their shared philosophy and collaborative spirit. Together, Balboa and EVEN are working towards increasing the concept of sustainable living to a personal level by integrating food, movement and social interactions into innovative joint ventures. This partnership is based on the belief that a holistic lifestyle is the key to personal and environmental well being, with a view to facilitating and promoting a balanced, healthy community.