Management Team

Our management team consists of five ambitious individuals with complimentary skillsets. What unites us is the love for handcrafted products and the will to contribute to a better, more sustainable food future.

Olivia Keller at EVEN

Olivia Keller

Operations & Human Resources

If there is one person who manages to reconcile many different interests, it is Olivia Keller. Olivia studied management, organization and cultural theory at the University of St. Gallen. Her interest in our food system was awakened when she worked for several years as a project manager at Sustainable Food Systems GmbH, a spin-off of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture. In her private life, she enjoys cooking with friends, hiking, and yoga. In addition, Olivia is involved in an association that aims to improve the electoral participation of young people.

Frédéric Brunner at EVEN

Frédéric Brunner

Founder & CEO

Frédéric Brunner knew even as a mechanical engineering student that he wanted to put his skills into improving the food production chain. It was clear to him that the way food is produced and processed today is a major contributor to global warming. Equally, animal welfare is very close to his heart. So what to do? Frédéric Brunner founded roots with the firm conviction that there must be a way to make plant-based nutrition attractive to a broad segment of the population. As a born manager with great intellectual curiosity, he always succeeds in bringing together the best people in their field to work on products and concepts for a plant-based future of our nutrition. Frédéric is very interested in production processes, interior design, environmental philosophy, and sports. His favorite vegetable is the often-neglected potato. In fact, talking about potatoes is one of his hobbies.

Mathias Wild at EVEN

Mathias Wild

Head of Information Technology

After graduating with a degree in political science, Mathias studied mechanical engineering and robotics. There he met Frédéric Brunner, the future founder of the plant-based gastronomy concept roots. Before becoming a member of the roots family Mathias worked in London as a software engineer at Bloomberg. His passion for high-quality food and sustainable sourcing eventually led him to join EVEN, the parent company of roots. As Head of Information Technology, Mathias takes care of all subsidiaries' technical infrastructure and general IT projects. Privately he enjoys gardening and bonsai, both nature-oriented activities as a complement to his digital professional life.

Reto Sager at EVEN

Reto Sager

Head of Operations and Sourcing

As an economics student at the University of St. Gallen, Reto realized that dealing with numbers alone would not bring him fulfilment. Around the same time, he started reading literature on Planetary Boundaries and got to understand that nutrition was relevant to many environmental issues. Driven by the desire to make a positive contribution, he studied agricultural sciences at ETH and found his passion. Already as a student Reto was involved in sourcing projects at EVEN. After graduation, he joined the management team as Head of Operations & Sourcing. Besides nutrition, sport is his great passion. To be precise: the road bike. 

Moritz  Merz at EVEN

Moritz Merz

Head of Marketing & Sales

Moritz's passion for food, social change processes and people are the main drivers for his professional career and private engagements. He wants to achieve social change, not through dogmatism, but real alternatives - that is, products and concepts that touch people. This requires strong partnerships with people and companies that are willing to take responsibility for current and future generations. In his role as Head of Marketing & Sales, he gets to develop, nurture and communicate these on a daily basis, which drives him incredibly. Before joining EVEN, he gained experience in management consulting, startup incubation and digital marketing and completed a master's degree with a focus on management, organizational development and -culture at the University of St. Gallen (HSG).